Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular lap dogs today. But the little Yorkie is much more than that: He has a lovable, affectionate nature that can win everyone over.
The little Yorkshire Terrier enjoys the safety of the apartment. Despite his small stature, he is a brave and sometimes reckless dog with a dignified demeanor.

He needs regular attention and care. The long, silky coat should be combed regularly to prevent tangles. He loves the closeness of his owners, likes to accompany them on excursions and is also suitable for short walks.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a popular dog breed at dog shows that enchants everyone with its elegant appearance. He is full of vitality and agile. Their body weight rarely exceeds three kilograms and their life expectancy is often 15 years or more.

When choosing a Yorkshire Terrier it is important that you choose a reputable, reliable breeder who knows what they are doing and who wants the best for their animals. In our shop we take special care to create a pet friendly environment and our vet checked puppies are just waiting to find loving homes.

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