The cute little Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. Along with his cute looks comes a genuinely lovable character, so it's no surprise that the breed has garnered so many fans over the years.
Chihuahuas usually have a friendly personality, form close bonds with their humans and are willing to protect their owners even at the cost of their lives. They make excellent watchdogs because they indicate the slightest danger and try to deter intruders.

At first glance, Chihuahuas appear to be weak lap dogs, which is why many consider them a luxury dog, but only those who know them intimately know just how fearless a Chihuahua is. He is a very brave, persistent little dog who is strong and steadfast despite his petite physique, enjoys exercise and sports and even masters long walks.

Early socialization is also important for the Chihuahua, as this has a strong influence on the character and later behavior of our puppy. Even before buying a puppy, we should think about how we will raise it and what we will do to have a good-natured, lovable and, most importantly, healthy dog.

The first and most important step in this direction is choosing a reliable dog breeder. Although Chihuahuas have a longer than average life expectancy, this is only true if the breeder pays attention not only to the puppy's health, but also to that of the parents and grandparents.

With us, the puppies live under controlled conditions and are regularly vet checked to make sure they are cared for and can enjoy their loving new homes for as long as possible.

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